dimanche 22 novembre 2015


▬▬ Ullapul ▬▬

New release on God Hates God Records netlabel.

Ullapul "Asynoptic" 5 tracks

GHGR 016315


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Ullapul "is a project of Grenoble (France)" is exploring various types of atmospheres through electronic music, from glitchy experimental tunes to darker and more ambient sounds.
He already collaborated with several netlabels and artists and founded dhatura records.

Everything that contributed at one moment or another to electronics and sound.

Influences: Coil, Kraftwerk, Aphex Twin, Mogwai, Joy Division, and many more..

from project Memory Leak →

+ Discography Ullapul → ullapul.bandcamp

+ Dhatura records → dhaturarecords.bandcamp

+ On GHGR → ullapul-148-ghgr8814

+ Amajin records → amajinrecords.bandcamp

+ Videos →

Zrkat, part of the Ullapul release "148" on GHGR...
Pictures stolen from a videosurveillance camera (Seattle public transportation... )


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