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Anti f:Orm Compilation Volume 2

▬▬ ▬▬   Anti f:Orm Compilation Volume 2 (GodHatesGodRecords)   ▬▬ ▬▬

▬ Welcome to Volume 2 of the compilation of the collection Anti f: Orm of God Hates God Records. The volume 1 was very kindly welcomed on the internet, remember there was this volume 1 artists like Philippe Petit, M.Nomized, He_lium, Hermetic Electric, Drama vinile or Niels Mori to name a few.
They also had to be beautiful collaborations and discoveries (since the collection Anti f: Orm is dedicated to collaborations). namely : Chatman (Niko Deck and ), Exomene and Kaneda aka Tetsuoka , HS with Hermetic Electric and for the second pieces with eric in the Kitchen,
and some others ...

▬ Now for the Volume 2 ► free download ►►

This volume contains 17 pieces for 23 projects or artists who have different musical universes.
From Belgium, France, United State, Russia, Canada, Germany, ..

Tracklist ►
  1. nobodisoundz / Ullapul - Le jour ni l'heure
  2. Nikophides - MouthPieceFlute
  3. Shipulin - Fall
  4. Bloody Blue / Caroline Dahyot - Je sais
  5. Building Castles Out of Matchsticks - Quiet Ensemble
  6. HeAD - Movie V2
  7. Eisenlager - Willi Hockenholz
  8. SRVTR / I Eternal - Real or not
  9. He_lium meets Slo-Blo - 9a
  10. Remy Tardieu - Expanding beyond the town
  11. Sylphides / Ullapul - Cosmos
  12. Christopher Alvarado / M.Nomized - Intertwined (sparkle mix by M.Nomized)
  13. Slo-Blo - Apagogie
  14. 108Htz - Braincliff 
  15. Schizophonieraum - A mental link to mind 
  16. LES Kitschounettes - Ghost train
  17. Exomene / Gerostenkorp - Rub' al Khali

▬ nobodisoundz ▬ (fr)

nobodisoundz is a visual and sound artist
 His paintings and videos show a "mental landscape". His music suggests this imaginary landscape made with non narrative music, atonal melodies, glitch worrying, metallic textures, hollow field-recording, abstract notes and organic sound-collage. A dark atmosphere lives and integrates the "listener/viewer". Soundscapes take him in a large-full sound and dives in an experiment of an intriguing sound space.
 nobodiosundz released several recordings on GHGR and many other netlabel.
...  an artist to discover...


▬ Ullapul ▬ (fr)

Sparse sounds transmisted across the Internet.
The Tx source is located somewhere in France.
Archived on misc repositories including
French electronic music composer and founder of the netlabel Dhatura Records.
More output on netlabel which GHGR, Petroglyph or Tape Safe.


▬ Nikophides ▬ (be)

Nikophides was born of a friendship of 20 years, after many years without seeing. Patrick Masson and Niko Deck meet and the very idea of working together was born. One approach provides electronic and other electro-acoustic. This project is realized through the exchange of files. The finalization pieces materialized by Patrick and mastering by Niko Deck. Currently, only one live directly composition occurred. In the future, you should see more of this, because it is live, these two friends are all originality.
Which began with the EP "June" on GHGR 2014. This tracks on the compilation undoubtedly heralds a forthcoming EP for 2016.
Niko Deck also plays in several projects as Scultrik, BBS live and many more.. 


▬ Shipulin ▬(rus)

Audio and video artist, graphic designer. He was born and lives in Russia. His musical Creativity affects deep aspects of life which in the subsequent will be transformed to sound waves. Musical styles: Ambient, Electronics, Drone, techno, Experimental music, IDM. Besides, he participated in several festivals and projects in the territory of Russia as video the designer. Creativity, according to the musician, is one of the most important ways of communication. In creativity all are uniform. In Creativity between people there are no distinctions. In Creativity All are equal .


▬ Bloody Blue ▬ (be)

Bloody Blue, Crossrider between Heaven & Hell..
Founder of the netlabel God Hates God Records, also plays in BBS, HS and some other band..


▬ Caroline Dahyot ▬ (fr)

Caroline Dahyot is not an artist. She has vomited Art.Caroline life. It's known by the pores, eyes and hands. Crystalline, Caroline softens and purifies this primitive energy; she coats it in a festival of colors, meaning and depth.
In his works, Caroline does not merely observe, portray the human being. It embodies humanity. There is in his work so much compassion and intimate retreat that becomes universal, the almost invisible detail becomes the focal point of his thinking.
Caroline has no answer to her eternal questions. It returns us to our choices without judgment, our aspirations. Through his questions, she is a reflection of our own questions, our mental patterns of our conditioning. In itself, questions are already answered.
Above all, Caroline is human. Its flaws, faults, hopes spring from his creations, exorcise the past, tame the future. Benevolently. Always.
His work is one. With it, the universe. The fragility, the search for truth, the livery Life as a burden and a gift, contradictions and errors objectified and valued, offered unconditional love ... Humanity, in its beauty and darkness, has meaning and form his fingers.
Caroline is not an artist. Carolina is much more than that. Caroline IS. (text Laurent Briet)


▬ Building Castles Out of Matchsticks ▬ (can)

The electric world of Anne Sulikowski. Using guitar, loops, synths and pedals Anne creates unique sonic palettes ranging from textured dronescape to melodic granular swirls, stretched, reverberated, quietly twisted then modulated with love, fueled by a vivid imagination, daydreams, thought disorder and an addiction for wandering.


▬ HeAD ▬ (earth)



▬ Eisenlager ▬ (ger)

Eisenlager - Willi Hockenholz recorded 04/2016 by Der Schlachter on studio glasklinge zeitenlicht
covergirl julia z.


▬ SRVTR ▬ (fr)

From the scene French cold 80s, I ETERNAL & SRVTR working together since 2014 on projects ambient / noise.
Soon an album on GHGR, and it is already on the label with another project that is called "Bunker Palace" in collaboration with Sylphides.


▬ I Eternal ▬ (fr)

From the scene French cold 80s,  I ETERNAL & SRVTR working together since 2014 on projects ambient / noise.


▬ He_lium ▬ (be)

A trip to electronic, industrial, ambient, field recordings, drone & noise music...


▬ Slo-Blo ▬ (be/per)

Lorenzo Lorsen aka Slo-Blo, several albums and EP in GHGR and many other netlabels!
To participate in many collaborations as Eric in th Kitchen, BBS live, Cody ban and many more...
Founder of TAPE SAFE netlabel in 2012, or cream of the underground like be there..
many beautiful references ..


▬ Remy Tardieu ▬ (fr)

The sounds evoke a confused movement , hybrid images that follow one another. Invited to listen this 3D sound composition through headphones, the listener, carried by a constant low , is completely immersed in landscapes that go down and deconstruct "around" it. A composition close to field -recording and post- modern American minimal music.


▬ Sylphides ▬ (be)

Sylphides is a hybrid combo created by Lemoine Laurence et Patrick Masson.
Project mixing electronic music, experimental electronic and acoustic improvisation,
the lives they are accompagned by videos and images projection.
The sound and image combine to feel at one.
An electronic univers, make strange sound..

"ImaginoSonore" could very well be the key word to represent Sylphides.


▬ Christopher Alvarado ▬ (usa)

TWILIGHT TRANSMISSIONS was started by Christopher Alvarado in the year of 2003. It began as an experimental power noise project with the first self titled album. It has grown over the years exploring Drum and Bass, Noise, Experimentation and Dark Ambient.


▬ M.Nomized ▬ (fr)

M.Nomized is a recording artist, mail artist, author, collagist and painter who was born Madrange Michel in Paris in 1956. He started his work in 1975 with contemporary music and sound research. In the subsequent 39 years he has appeared on more than 200 solo, collaboration and compilation CD and tape releases on his own Fraction Studio label, and on numerous European, Japanses, and American labels. M.Nomized has recorded and created music in many different styles, including experimental, electronic, minimalist and repetitive musics, industrial, Indian music, Algerian music, noise, cyclic and loop-based music, children's theater, ambient, piano, and spoken word. He was an important figure in the homemade music scene of the 1980s and 1990s, and was well-known for his recordings as a member of No Unauthorized. M.Nomized has collaborated with De Fabriek, Don Campau, Mr.Moto, Carsten Olbrich, The Legendary Poptones, Daniele Brusaschetto, Kora, Messy, Silentport, William Spivey, Mlehst and many others.


▬ Schizophonieraum ▬ (can)

Schizophonieraum is an improvisation project founded in April of 2016
A Mental Link To Mind is a theme based on telepathy which was a strong suite of Joel's in early life, the track was composed in fl studio 11 with the samples of a prosecco bottle of wine, a fender strat, a bell sound from emulator II, metal on metal bell sound of a florida space center anniversary 
bell. The tracks were improvised and tracks 1 and 2 were cloned or doubled and improvised again so 5 tracks in total making it a improvisation track, 
then exported wav to adobe audition to pitch and time-stretch the track add normalization, then to audacity for further editing and time-stretching, then finished at 8 minutes.
More material to come in May available at


▬ LES Kitschounettes ▬ (fr/swi)

This Franco-Swiss duo will return with his electric bass still badass honey served by deception and beat accompanied by shots of the groove & loud deviant!
All in a latex atmosphere! Because if you do not know, THE Kitschounettes are rubber living dolls ! 
Pure daisy metal !
Release of an album soon on GHGR......


▬ 108 Htz ▬ (fr)

108Htz is the project of Laurent Hiriart.
an album appeared on GHGR and another very soon..


▬ Exomene ▬ (fr)

Exomène is a soundsmith and a digital apothecary.
As a musician, he makes cinematic soundscapes on albums and industrial music live. Speaking about live, he also writes and performs a lot of music for audiovisual performances.
As a digital artist, he is interested in using data as raw material to draw similarities between brain and processors. He's also interested in vintage software æesthetic, glitch and databending.


▬ Gerostenkorp ▬ (fr)

Led since 2002 by Daniel L., GEROSTENKORP is a musical project revolving around industrial, ambient, musique concrete.
  The first album "LE MECANISME DE L'AUBE" (2006, CA) supports the "film look of textures, like the split came in 2008 with NEON RAIN" IO NON HO PAURA "(OPN). The following year leaves "TERRE BRULEE" (OPN), conceptual album based on a dreamlike tale. repeatedly staged with the EK-sistere collective, appearance musical performance, visual and sound takes more and more space in the project.
 Since GEROSTENKORP collaborates with various artists and collectives (DIMANCHE ROUGE, OSE, L: ED) for live performances ( "DIGITAL PRIMITIVE", "SIDE BY SIDE") sets the stage effects improvisations, sound, voice, in any events and places, but also in the soundtrack for the film development (LA CAUSE)



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►►Always free download here volume 1:  



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