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M.Nomized is a recording artist, mail artist, author, collagist and painter
who was born Madrange Michel in Paris in 1956.
He started his work in 1975 with contemporary music and sound research.
In the subsequent 31 years he has appeared on more than 200 solo,
collaboration, and compilation cd and tape releases --
on his Fraction Studio label, and one numerous European,
Japanese, and American labels.
M.Nomized has recorded and created music in many different styles,
including experimental, electronic, minimalist and repetitive musics,
industrial, Indian music, "out", Algerian, noise, cyclic and loop-based
music, children's theatre, ambient, piano, and spoken word.

He was an important figure in the homemade music scene
of the 1980's and 1990's, and was well-known for his
recordings as a member of No Unauthorized.

M.Nomized has collaborated with De Fabriek, Don Campau, Mr. Moto,
Carsten Olbrich, Mark Sonnenfeld, The Legendary Poptones, 
Daniel Brusaschetto, Bidoche Musique, Kora, Messy, Mlehst,
and many others...


M.Nomized - Minimalist Experience (2015) →


M.Nomized - Breathe and Death (2015) GHGR 014215 →

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M.Nomized/Sylphides - Tmwod 3

                                                                                       M.Nomized - Wooden  Tears    

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