lundi 28 septembre 2015

Midnight Radio Compilation


Midnight Radio Compilation////////////////

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  Ars Sonor, Mnomized, SRVTR, Bloody Blue, Silentport, nobodisoundz, Michael Bruckner,
  Lutz Thuns, Cousin Silas, Bunker Palace, Escaped Trees, Midnightradio11, et beaucoup d'autres...

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Thank you unknown friend because you give a notice to facebook about the new midnightradio cover about nippel, it was terminate and other fotos, i hate this person, go away from my side, go away!
ok, iam angry about user, they send facebook notice i use fotos from Julia with nippel. wrong world. its time for a new midnightradio special compilation called, midnightradio nippel edition, send me tracks about nippel, erotic, sex etc, every track on bandcamp i use a nippel photo from julia. time to send, from now 14 days. you only  send track and informations, like this way:


Statement from Felix Flaucher about facebook and nipple: The worst part is that it is generally not a Christian fundamentalist who believes the female body is the devil's work, but it is indeed usually a "friend" who wants to damage you because of shabby, personal reasons. Facebook should publish the names of these pigs, so you can clean up the friend list immediately. Besides, I can not see all the photos without "Nippels" anymore. Stars and beams are placed over it or the picture is completely retouched. What is with a child who sees such disfigured breasts? It should think that it is unnatural when female breasts have nipples? That's sick.

The worst is that it is generally not the Christian fundamentalists who believe that the female body is the work of the devil, but it is usually to a "friend" is, who wants to damage, seedy personal reasons. Facebook should publish the names of those pigs, one should stick to what you are doing. (In addition, it could then clean their friends list immediately.) Also, I can not see all entnippelten pictures. Star and beams are placed above or you completely reworked. What to think of a child who sees the disfigured breasts? He must think that it is natural when women's breasts have nipples? That sick


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