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Qualo Infinity


Qualo Infinity – (short bio w/ links)

Composer/multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Qualo Infinity currently creates and releases music under 11 different monikers, releasing most of his works through his own label 'There's a Shark in Your Hair Records'. TSYH used to release albums on either cassette or Cdr, but is currently only releasing in digital format, though plans to begin releasing hard copies once again are being made at present. Recently several albums, some compilations and some with new material, have been released through the label digitalDIZZY based in Bristol, and one EP from 2015 was released on the label God Hates God Records based in Belgium. All of his works can be found on either the Bandcamp sites of the aforementioned labels or on the Bandcamp sites devoted exclusively to each of his projects set up by TSYH.

His 11 projects are:

1. Qualo Infinity (one album out currently under his main moniker, he also uses this name as a sub-moniker to most of the other projects and as a personal moniker as well...That album can be found here: ) There is a newly completed album, a split collaboration, between he and D. Burke Mahoney, that has not yet been released. So far all of the works created under the QI moniker are 'bass guitar only' with the help of some effects pedals. This could possibly change in future recordings.

2. Abquexa - Quite a few albums have been recorded under the name Abquexa. They vary greatly in style and genre from one to the other. Often electronic and almost always either experimental and/or ambient, many utilize synthesizers as the main instrument, though some contain vocals, bass guitar, guitar, and electronic drums. One album, Vox Rotarum Confractos, is almost exclusively vocals, and the album 'Kinesis' is exclusively bass guitar. These albums can be found here: . There is one recent album released by digitalDIZZY that can be found here:

3. Ocadium – This project is often ambient or modern classical and almost always falls into the category of electronic and experimental. There is a numbered series of full length albums that has just recently reached the number 25, 'Ocadium Twenty-Five' being the name of that release. There are a few other albums and Eps that do not fall into the numbered series. Ocadium albums can be found here: and at digitalDIZZY: ..and at God Hates God Records:

4. Cooper Raines – One of Qualo's projects and also an alternate personal moniker as well, there are currently five albums released under this name. Electronic, experimental and often ambient, they can found here: A compilation from these five albums was released on the digitalDIZZY label and can be found here: ..Some of Qualo's music under the CR moniker has been used as soundtracks to various films (this is also true of some of the Ocadium works and Jumbo Pimp as well). An example of his soundtrack work can be found here: and there :

5. Jumbo Pimp – Mainly electronic, though sometimes containing vocals and/or electronic drums, this project ranges from ambient to art rock to avant-garde. Those albums can be found here: ..A compilation and a single/ep re-release came out recently through the digitalDIZZY label and can be found here: An example of soundtrack work under the JP name can be found here:

6. blow dart – There are four albums at present under the blow dart moniker. Experimental, avant-pop, avant-garde, they are created mainly with bass guitar and vocals with the help of some effects devices. On the third album, there is some drum programming and some electronic drumming as well. Those albums can be found

7. Huso Fin – Experimental, ambient, avant-garde, and art rock compositions that utilize bass guitar, vocals, voice, synthesizers, and electronic drums. Seven albums exist at present and can be found


8. Karakasa Kozo – Experimental, ambient, and avant-garde compositions, that to-date, are bass guitar and effects only. There are 3 albums and 1 EP out under this name, all of which were recorded in 2015. They can be found here:
..A compilation was released recently on the digitalDIZZY label that borrows from the first three releases and can be found here:

9. Scotty Delowe – Electronic project and another occasional personal moniker of Qualo's that currently has two releases. They can found here: and the other on digitalDIZZY:
Ambient and hypnotic experimental.

10. Nik Thursday – Avant-pop, alternative project that features vocals, synths, bass guitar, and electronic drums. There have been two releases under this name, the longer and more recent of the two, 'Videorecording', falling into the category of a concept album. Whereas Qualo's lyrics are often made up words and improvised phonetics, NT's lyrics are primarily English. Those albums can be found here:

11. Aki Tchen – Experimental project that has five releases: 4 albums and 1 ep. Almost all Aki Tchen is electronic, synth based work with the exception of one album 'Susan in the Elevator' which is a bass guitar work. The four albums can be found here: and the ep, released by digitalDIZZY, can be found here:

Before beginning 10 of these 11 projects (Abquexa existed even in the 80s though it was not called Abquexa then), Qualo played in bands such as DiSK, Swen Ta Net, and Cogs of Rant, singing and playing synths. These bands were primarily multimedia improvisational experimental bands that featured films, slides, live actors, costumes, and sometimes involved scripts and what could be called a 'theatrical play'-like atmosphere.

Qualo is also a fiction writer, focussing mostly on absurdist and surreal works, and has written several novels and quite a few short stories. His serial novel, Dangerous Equestrian Journey, was presented online in installments in 2011. His current novel began as another online serial work, but now is being completed as a novel to be published as a hard copy sometime in 2016. No works are currently available, but hopefully not only the current novel will be available sometime in 2016, but also a reworking of Dangerous Equestrian Journey plus a novel written in the 1990s will also become available by late 2016.

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